About New York, New York

With a population of about 19 million people, the New York City metropolitan area is the largest city in the United States. New York City is located in the southeastern part of New York state at the mouth of the Hudson River.

About New York, New York

New York City Information

City code NYC
Country United States
State New York
Population 19.0 Million
Pop. density 10,600 / km2
Land area 1,214 km2
Elevation 10 m
Currency Dollar (USD)
Annual GDP US$ 1,210 Bn
Languages English
Latitude 40.43° N
Longitude 74.00° W

New York City was founded as a commercial trading post in 1624 by the Dutch. It was called New Amsterdam until 1664 when it came under British control. It served as the capital of the United States for 5 years from 1785 to 1790. New York has thrived as America's largest city since the late 1700's.

New York City is one of the largest and most influential cities in the world. It is a global center for finance, fashion, media, and other sectors. At US $1.2 trillion annual GDP, the city has a massive economy rivaling many countries. New York is headquarters to a huge number of companies, including 43 Fortune 500 firms.

New York City consists of 5 boroughs (or districts): Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. The borough of Manhattan is what most people think of when they think of New York.

New York City has a humid subtropical climate, but just barely. Average summer daily high temperatures are in the mid-80's (°F). Winter daily high temperatures are normally in the high-30's (°F). The city receives about 47 inches of precipitation per year.

New York City is a major international tourist destination. About 47 million people visit the city each year. Popular attractions include the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and Times Square, among many others.

Demographically, New York City is exceptionally diverse. For centuries, New York has been a major port of entry for immigrants. As a result, people from many, many countries and ethnic groups are represented. About 44% of New York City's population is white / caucasian and about 25% are African American. Asian Americans account for about 12%. Hispanics and Latinos of various ethnicities make up about 27% of the population. English is the most widely spoken language with Spanish and many other languages also very common.

New York City is served by three airports: Kennedy Airport (JFK), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).

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